God is good. The Holy Bible says that the ways of God are foolishness to man. I’m beginning to see how very true that is. The Bible says a lot of things. The more I read it, the older I get, the more I see how faithful and true God’s word is. I want to tell you about what God has done for me. I am twenty-eight years old, the mother of two small children.

My husband and I are deeply committed to God and each other. I have had two very troublesome pregnancies. Each time I was overweight, bloated, and developed high blood pressure. My doctor called it pre-eclampsia. My husband and I prayed each time that our babies would be born naturally and healthy. My doctor advised me to drink plenty of water, put me on bedrest, and told me that there were no answers to why I developed this condition with each pregnancy.

Each of my children was born by cesarean section. My son was born at 38 weeks, my daughter at not quite 35 weeks. I was happy to have each of my children, but so very disappointed by the circumstances surrounding their births. After my daughter was born my doctor advised me to not become pregnant again. I asked him again and again what had brought this condition on and what I could do to prevent it from happening again. He said, “We don’t know what causes this. You’re playing with fire if you get pregnant again.”

I just couldn’t accept his answer as truth. I was crushed that my young body couldn’t perform the work it was designed to do. I felt like a failure, since my husband and I had often talked about having a large family. In the beginning of our marriage we had prayed together and asked God to give us children according to His will. We had not interfered.

My doctor’s advice started us talking about having operations and other means of preventing pregnancies. Inside I knew that this wasn’t God’s will for us. I realized how hypocritical it was for us to have placed God in control of this very special area of our marriage and when problems arose and man’s best wisdom said, “No more babies”, to take back control.

It took faith to turn aside from the world. My husband and I prayed. In the meantime, we became convicted to change our eating habits. We began to see that gluttony is not only eating too much, but also being very indulgent in our eating. We lost a little weight. We kept reading and listening for the wisdom of God concerning food. Our diet came to consist of mostly fruit and vegetables (mostly raw), rice, beans, and nuts. We lost more weight. After a twenty pound weight loss on my side, I became pregnant again. We were cautiously optimistic that this pregnancy could be different. I knew that my old doctor would be very disapproving of this new pregnancy since he’d advised against it, so I decided not to go back to him.

At this point I was sure all doctors would respond to my pregnancy as my old doctor would and I felt compelled to avoid the medical establishment as much as possible. I’d heard of the old days when people were born at home with the help of a midwife and I met some older women who reminisced about how much healthier pregnant women used to be. I knew there were answers out there, alternatives to what modem medicine had to offer. I needed direction.

One day I opened up the phone book and called the number for Beth, the only listed midwife in my area. I prayed. We spoke briefly and I explained my medical history to her. She assured me that it was very possible for me to have this child naturally despite the two c-sections. We decided to meet and discuss my situation specifically and what she as a midwife could offer me. My husband and I prayed about the midwife. It was a foreign concept, birthing without medical technology, but that’s what we were really looking for. We knew nothing about her or midwifery in general, but we figured we had nothing to lose by meeting with her once and deciding from there. We discussed the possibilities of what this woman could be: a feminist, a new-ager, or maybe a born again Christian.

As we arrived at her home we prayed together in the car. She was waiting for us on her porch. We went to her office and asked her every question we could think of. Except the one that was most important to us: Are you a born again Christian? Despite our timidity, she spoke of her faith in God openly and I was elated to find that she was a believer. As we left her office I was grinning from ear to ear. In the car my smiles turned to tears of joy. I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that our loving Father had answered our prayers. We prayed again, thanking God for his guidance and concern for the pregnancy. We knew Beth was our answer.

It’s been three weeks since the birth of our baby boy. I can’t begin to describe the difference giving birth to our son at home has made. Everything happened so quickly. It was my first natural birth and I didn’t have any previous knowledge to draw from. The contractions were very intense. I was afraid of the pain to come. I told Beth and she said, “God has brought you this far. He’s not going to turn his back on you now.” It’s true. God had been keeping me and my baby safe week after week. At no time during this pregnancy did I experience the pre-eclampsia I had before. I was probably the healthiest I’d ever been in my life, thanks to the nutritional advice of Beth and an evangelist named Lester Roloff. I know their wisdom came to them from the Lord. I had gained only twenty pounds without any effort. My skin was clear and I just felt so healthy. How very different from my previous pregnancies!

The contractions kept coming and kept getting stronger and stronger. I was still afraid, but Beth’s words reassured me that everything was progressing normally. In spite of my pain and my fear, I felt safe since there were no knives, no needles, no strangers, no onlookers-just my sweet little family and my trusted helpers, Beth, her daughter Jessica, and later her apprentice Carrie Ann. The only man present was my husband who was tending to our two small children. Most of all, there were no nurses waiting to whisk my baby away to the nursery. As soon as he was born I held my son in my arms. And I was so happy I couldn’t remember the pain.