If you are unable to keep your blood sugar under control with just diet changes and exercise, we will refer you for a consult with our consulting physician who is a perinatolgist. Depending on his evaluation, you might be able to remain under our care even if you need oral medication to help control your diabetes. However, if you need insulin to control the diabetes, you will not be able to have an out-of-hospital delivery.

We will also be watching the baby’s growth for possibility that the baby is growing too big. This isn’t always an easy thing to tell since some women just have large babies. But what we don’t want is a baby that is growing too big because of uncontrolled blood sugar. That could mean trouble. So if we have concerns about the growth of your baby, we will require that you be seen by our consulting physician for an evaluation and sonogram.

If you go past your due date, we will also send you to our consulting physician. Some women go past their due dates and that doesn’t mean a thing. But when a diabetic women’s pregnancy goes too long it can be a sign of trouble for the baby. So the consultation if you pass your due date is a precautionary measure in case you end up needing some medical help to go into labor. The cut off for an out-of-hospital delivery is 42 weeks. That is the state law. So even with a doctor’s approval we can’t go past 42 weeks. But if that happens, you will be in good hands with our consulting physician and we will still be with you to assist any way we can if a hospital delivery becomes necessary.