Water Birth

We are proud to offer water as an option for both labor and birth at the Corpus Christi Birth Center. We have a lovely new water spa available at our center in a beautifully decorated and tranquil private room. You will be allowed to labor with soft lighting while letting the water soothe you. If you like, you can even listen to music of your choosing through our built-in stereo system which plays throughout the center. We have a selection of peaceful music for you to choose from or you may bring your own if you prefer.

Some women like to labor in water and then give birth outside the water while others want to remain in the birth pool for the entire birth. The choice is completely yours.

Many women find water extremely relaxing and helpful during labor. As one client described it, the level of intensity of the contractions went from about a 7 (on a scale of 1-10) to about a 3 when she got into the pool. Our new birth spa even has soothing jets which can be turned on to provide a gentle massage to your back while in labor. Some women prefer the movement of the jets and others prefer the jets to be kept off. Again, the choice is yours for the first stage of labor. We do turn the jets off for the pushing stage and actual delivery.

We keep the water temperature close to the same as your own body temperature (96-99 degrees). This makes it safe for you to remain in the pool for several hours at a time without elevating your temperature or becoming chilled. This also allows you to have the greatest amount of comfort and relief during the most difficult part of labor. Most women get into the water when their dilation reaches 6-7 cm.Birth Pool at CCBC

Water Birth Benefits

  • Water is relaxing and relieves stress.
  • The use of water greatly helps with pain management.
  • Water creates support and equal pressure on all parts of a woman’s body, giving a feeling of support.
  • Less energy is used when birthing in water.
  • Water birth seems to result in lower adrenalin (fight or flight response) levels resulting in better oxytocin and oxygen flow to the mother, increased blood supply to the uterus. As a result contractions are more efficient.
  • An improved blood supply to the placenta during water birth also improves the unborn baby’s oxygen levels.
  • Water can help provide a small decrease in the mother’s blood pressure.
  • Water provides flexibility during labor.
  • The mother can find a comfortable position more efficiently and ease the descent of the baby through the birth canal.
  • Birth from water into water is a gentle transition for the baby.
  • There is some evidence to suggest that water reduces the risk of tearing and skin tissue trauma to mother.
  • Water birth is an extremely gentle birth method for mother and baby.
  • Water can make pushing easier because of the ease to change positions.
  • The buoyancy of water means the baby does not have to be turned or twisted to deliver the shoulders in most cases.
  • Birthing in the water provides the baby with almost the exact replica of the womb environment- wet, warm, weightless and gentle.
  • Cleanup of a water birth can be very easy with little mess.
  • The mother can easily move positions to find one most comfortable with each contraction.
  • The mother feels less pressure on the abdomen and uterus with contractions.
  • Water kept at the right temperature can help to regulate both mother and baby’s temperature immediately following delivery.