So you are planning a home birth and also water birth. That’s Awesome! Water birth is one of the many options available to you through our services, even if you are planning a home birth.

Water birth has always been an option at the Corpus Christi Birth Center. For those of you who choose to birth at the Birth Center, we always have the birth tub ready. For our home birth clients, we are now happy to announce that we have expanded our services to include the option of renting an Aqua Doula Birth Tub for a reduced fee. But we also would encourage you to tour the Corpus Christi Birth Center to see the beautiful water birth room which is available at no extra cost to all our birth center clients.

Home birth clients will still have the option to use their own garden tubs for water birth, as well as purchasing or renting any other birth tub.

In our opinion, Aqua Doula is the birth tub option available for home birth. It is much deeper than the blow up pools allowing the laboring woman to fully cover her pregnant belly in the water. Because it is not a blow up pool there is no need to be concerned about what happens if the pool leaks or breaks during your labor. (Thankfully we’ve had only a few leaks with the other pools and nothing too catastrophic has happened so far. That is why we are still willing to work with those pools too.)

AquaDoula TubAqua Doula also comes with a heater which keeps the water at the perfect temperature. This means the pool may be set up hours before you need it and it will stay ready with no need to assemble or fill during active labor. It also means that there will be no need to bail out cold water and add warm water during your labor.

The Aqua Doula tub will be available to all home birth clients on a first come, first serve basis. The rental fee is $150. The tub maby be picked up at 37 weeks gestation and remain in your home until after the birth of your baby. The time it will remain in your home is anywhere from a few days to about 5 weeks.

Once the tub has been reserved for a birth, it will not be available to anyone else during the same time frame. So if you are planning a home birth, the sooner you reserve the tub, the better. But remember you can still purchase other tubs from our birth supply partners at In His Hands. You can also use a garden tub if you have one or even rent another Aqua Doula tub from the company (though renting from us will save you money).

In addition to the rental fee there are a few other small inexpensive items you will need to purchase for your water birth including a liner for the tub. Please contact us for more details.

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