Staff Midwife Position Opening for 2021

939 Ayers Street
Corpus Christi Texas
We are the only free standing birth
center in the Coastal Bend of Texas, and are located just a few blocks from the Corpus Christi Bay. This position has great potential for growth and advancement with this birth center.

Staff Position: Corpus Christi Birth Center is seeking a new staff midwife. Full-time is preferred but we will consider part-time as well. We prefer to find a midwife who qualifies as a preceptor for Mercy In Action College of Midwifery but will consider a lesser experienced midwife who would be willing to work towards this goal while working with us.

Where? We are located in Corpus Christi, Texas and are the only free-standing birth center within our region. There are few midwives in the area and the need is great. Patients come from all over south Texas to give birth at our center.

Who? Beth Overton, the owner of the birth center has over 22 years’ experience. She is a conservative Christian with a Biblical worldview [and this does influence how she runs her business and treats her patients]. If you are interested in working within a Christian environment with like-minded staff, please visit our website to learn more about our birth center and core values.

When? We are seeking applications and offering interviews immediately. A position could begin as early as January 2021. We will discuss salary only with those applicants we have determined to be compatible and serious. Amount of pay and potential for advancement may be negotiated based upon the applicant’s experience level and willingness to commit to some of the longer-term goals with the CC Birth Center.

Resumes, inquiries or questions should be addressed directly to the owner: Beth Overton at [email protected]. To assure attention to your email, please indicate on the subject line: “MIDWIFE STAFF POSITION” in capital letters.   

Call us:
(361) 883-2229