Special Alert Re: COVID-19

March 16, 2020

For our Patients, Re: COVID-19 Coronavirus

The midwives and staff of Corpus Christi Birth Center are taking measures to ensure the safety of our patients, their families and those of us who provide your care.

Testing becomes available this week. Until we know more about the effects of this pandemic in our region, we have decided to take extra precautions to prevent it’s spread in Corpus Christi.

We are asking our patients and their families to help us with this effort. We ask that you review the following recommendations during this national crisis.

1)      If you or anyone in your household has any of the following symptoms or if anyone close to you has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please contact us immediately by phone so we can arrange the best possible plan of care for you.

Symptoms to watch for are the following:

a.     runny nose

b.     sore throat

c.     cough

d.     fever

e.     difficulty breathing (in severe cases)

f.      exposure to anyone diagnosed with COVID-19

2)     When in our office, please keep your distance from others as much as possible. No social touching.

3)     Additional guests and children should be left at home if possible.  We must insist that you not bring anyone who has a fever or any symptoms with you into our office. If you need to bring children, we ask that you have them bring a toy or book to occupy their time while waiting. Office toys and books for children will be temporarily unavailable to avoid spreading germs.  

4)     Please wash your hands often. Bring hand sanitizer with you if you have it to use after touching doors knobs and other public surfaces.  

5)     For the duration of this crisis, we will not be offering tours of the birthing center so that we are better able to control a safer environment for our birthing moms. Update as of 06/25/2020 – we will provide limited tours as we are able to do so without compromising the health of others. Please call to ask if you want a tour.

6)     You are still welcome to bring a small number of guests to your birth if they are without symptoms. But we ask you to limit guests as much as possible. Update: 2021 – All guests are now welcome but must be symptom free.

7)     This is also not the best time to expose your new baby to a lot of visitors. Please consider asking visitors to wait until a later time to meet your newborn and never let anyone touch the baby or be around your family if they are showing any symptoms or without washing their hands first.

8) Update beginning 6/27/2020 – Nueces County has just issued a recommendation that any business unable to maintain social distancing, consider asking both staff and clients to wear masks. This is recommendation for our type of business. It is not a legal requirement at this time. The actual effectiveness of cloth masks is controversial and there are some studies on both sides which support or seem to support both sides of the controversy. At CCBC we will always support informed decisions made by our patients regarding their own health care. Therefore, we want you to be comfortable making your own decision about whether or not to you choose to wear a face mask in our office or during your own delivery. We will also wear masks if requested to do so by a patient. You will be asked you your preference and will support your decision either way.

Finally, we are asking you to respect our guidelines even if you find them extreme. Most of the advice coming out of reliable sources tells us to take this pandemic very seriously and to exercise extreme caution using common sense and social distancing. We are fully confident that we will get through this and are not fearful, just cautious. We only wish to be wise and thank you for your patience and cooperation.  


Corpus Christi Birth Center, midwives and staff

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