Prenatal Office

Prenatal Office

In 2019 we moved our prenatal and business office to a new location 3 miles from the birth center.

The advantages of having our prenatal office separate from the birth center are:

  1. More privacy for laboring moms and less re-scheduling for all our patients. Before the move, if we had a woman in active labor, we often had to reschedule appointments. By relocating the prenatal office and by adding a staff midwife, we are able to continue prenatal care at one location while one patient is in labor. There are still occasions that might mean we have to reschedule but this happens less frequently.
  2. After moving our business office, this left a vacant room at the birth center for a new birth suite, so we have added the Jessica Ann Birth Suite to provide more options for our mamma’s.
  3. We also gained a new space to hold meet-ups and small events for our patients. Our class meet-ups are now be held at the office.

The prenatal office is located 2.9 miles from the birth center. We are located in Business Park South 3833 South Staples. Our office is in the North building, which is on your right when you enter the parking lot. Our suite is upstairs – N209.

3833 South Staples, Suite N-209
Corpus Christi, TX

Call us:
(361) 883-2229