We want to help low in-come families in Texas have a natural birth at the birth center if this is their desire! If you have a valid Medicaid card, we want to help. 

Call our office during regular office hours and ask for Dona if you need help answering questions you might have if you have Medicaid. 361.883.2229 option #2

We are Now Accepted as Providers for Traditional Medicaid.

This is good news but please keep in mind that if you have pregnancy Medicaid in the Coastal Bend area, you will be required to accept your coverage being moved to one of three providers under Medicaid which are NOT Traditional Medicaid. We are in the process of applying to at least one of these providers, so that Medciad patients in our area can truly have coverage for their care with us. Please call us for for a more detailed explanation of the process and were we are in that process.

We want to help. If you do not have Traditional Medicaid at the time you sign your contract with us, but have already be placed under United, Star or Driscoll or another Mediciad plan, we won’t be able to bill Medicaid, but we will offer an additional discount off of our usual reduced Self-Pay rate and the registration fee as long as you keep up with your payments and the balance is paid by 36 weeks’ gestation. If you begin care with us at the beginning of your pregnancy, your monthly payments will be around $350 a month.

Since all Medicaid Plans cover most related medical expenses like labs and sonograms with other providers, these will still be covered while you are under our care because we do not do them at our center. We order labs and sonograms from other providers who do accept all forms of Medicaid. Our consulting physicians accept Medicaid United Care Plan and Star Plan . Medicaid will ask you to “select a plan” when you get approved. So you might want to keep this in mind when choosing your plan if you want to come to us for care, in case you need to see one of our consulting physicians for a complication. The hospitals we use will accept all Medicaid plans. So in the event of a transport or emergency, your expenses would be covered by Medicaid no matter which plan you choose.

If you choose CCBC and are on a Medicaid Plan which will not cover our services when you sign your contract with us, your total out-of-pocket expense under our care would be reduced to $3200. If we get approved by your plan after beginning care, you will not have to pay for our services from that point forward.

If you still need help with financing, help is available through United Medical Credit. Use the link below to apply online. If you are accepted, they will cover your medical expenses and then you can pay them back with very low monthly payments. If they do not approve your application, then call us anyway. We might be able to offer you direct financing for a small financing fee (bank draft required).. If you wish to apply for a loan from United Medical Credit, click on the banner below to start your application now. If you are applying to cover expenses with CCBC, please apply for $3300 to cover your contract with us plus a $100 fee to cover the fees United Medical Care charges us.

Call us:
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