Delivery of Love



A poem by Lara Gunn ,
© April 2000, used with permission

You have a special gift sent from God above,

You help Him give to families deliveries of love.

As old as the Bible, from when time began

God has called certain women from among the race of Man.

He as given you wisdom and has endowed you with a heart 

That helps you to bless others and with great joy to impart.

A peace that comes from understanding and satisfaction that we know


This life had a gentle beginning and that gentleness will show.


For by the grace of God alone our steps led to your door,


And His hand became quite evident as the months turned into more.

Then on that special day when our baby did arrive


We saw His grace upon you and we thanked Him for your drive.


Your drive to bring to families something beautiful and rare


That brings great joy to people that is far beyond compare.

We want to tell you “Thank you!” though the words just aren’t enough,


For the feelings in our hearts today for this delivery of love.