Josiah in his herb bath after the birth.

With our first baby my husband had a day and a time he thought would be nice for the baby to be born. Well, guess what…the baby was born on that day at that time! Ever since then, he has at least picked a day he’d like the baby to born on. Although since this first birth his predictions have been unsuccessful. With this last pregnancy he thought it would be nice for the baby to be born on June 14th-Flag Day.

Well, I figured right then and there that it surely would not be born on that day! Yet, I had prayed that the baby would come early — what woman doesn’t! But, I had even more reasons this time. It was starting to get hotter and hotter. I was getting bigger and bigger. And my sister-in-law was getting married in August and I was going to be in the wedding. This meant that I needed to have the baby, get him/her on a nice little schedule and lose all that baby tummy by then!! Surely God would understand that I needed all the time I could get!! Yet, I realized that God knew better and I did truly leave it in His hands.

When I went to bed on June 13th I prayed asking God that if it could at all be with in His will…could the baby be born tonight? Then I left that in His hands, decided to go to sleep and started thinking about all the fun things we had planned the next day. But, I could not get to sleep no matter how hard I tried. I started thinking what if I did go into labor? I would not get to see the last day of swimming lessons for our two youngest. I’d not get to do the fun things afterwards that we had planned to celebrate that event! How silly can one pregnant woman be?

I began to wonder why could I not get to sleep. I told my husband “I wonder if I’m going into labor tonight. I can’t get to sleep!”. I should’ve been sleepy — it was late, I’d not had a lot of sleep the night before or that afternoon. I prayed for God to help my get some rest — especially if I was going into labor. I also prayed for everything I could think about labor: the next day’s events, etc. (I wanted our older boys to not be disappointed if we did not get to do all of our fun plans for the next day.)

Well, God was gracious and gave me a few hours of sleep and at 4:24 I woke up with what maybe was a contraction. I had about three more before 5:00. They were not regular, nor where they hard, but I just felt like they were real. I decided that I’d not let my husband sleep as long this time. I thought his alarm was supposed to go off at 5:00, but it didn’t. I thought surely that I could let him sleep until 5:30, but at 5:15 when the contractions felt even more real…I woke him up! I told him, ‘Wake up, I think you are going to get your Flag Day baby!’.

We thought, prayed, and talked about when to call Beth. Since Brent delivered the last one he really wanted me to go ahead and call Beth!! I called her about 5:30 and asked her if I sounded happy. She said that I did. I told her that my contractions were not regular, but they felt real. She said that she was getting Jessica and coming to Victoria. (I think that she too, did not want a repeat of the last birth…she was not taking any chances!)

She got to our house at about 7:45. She checked me and I was at 7cm. Wow, were we all excited! We called everyone that we wanted to let know. My father-in-law was so excited he couldn’t believe it. My contractions were never regular. I’m glad I did not wait to call Beth like I did last time.

I had an easy labor…yes, really I did. I use to believe there was no such thing, but now I know there is. Delivery, however, was a different story. It seems that I felt more this time than the past ones. I did get in some water towards the end of my labor. I was having back labor and the warm water seemed to help me to make it through these contractions a little bit easier.

Beth had told me that I could push whenever I was ready. I keep waiting for that urge to push. I did not get it as I had in the past. Beth patiently waited for me to be ready. I did push a little and my water finally broke. There was some meconium in the water, but very little and it looked like it was not fresh. So we did not believe the baby was in stress. However, we could not get a clear Doppler reading. Beth and I had already discussed whether I would deliver in the water or out. I had previously thought I did not want to deliver in the water. But now could not make up my mind. I really felt I wanted to get out, but that was not an easy thing to do.

During a contraction, I of course did not want to move and in between I wanted to rest and not move. I keep saying “‘after this contraction”. But, when Beth could not get a clear Doppler reading she said that I did need to get out. I had already pushed a little at this time and getting out was not easy — physically was not easy. It seems that my legs would not or could not do what my brain was telling them to do. But, with the help of Beth and my husband I got out in to a position that I was comfortable with.

Jessica was able to get a Doppler reading and everything seemed to be OK. That is until the baby’s heart tones dropped. Beth did rush me a little to push the baby out, but she always remained calm and gentle. I knew that she was just trying to do what was best for the baby. I knew that this was not a case of her wanting to get it over with. (She told us later that the cord had been wrapped around the baby two times. I just find it amazing that Beth knew that, took care of it and never got excited or let me know. Well, I guess that is what is nice about having a good midwife!!)

I pushed a couple of times and Brent told me that he could see the face. That is always such an encouragement to me — he has always done this for me. I then pushed a couple more times and our sweet little one was born. Beth handed him to me all wrapped up. She did not even know whether the baby was a boy or girl at this point. She wanted to let me be the first to see. I unwrapped him and said “Oh, hello little Josiah”.

Yes, we had just delivered our sixth little boy. He was born at 2:50pm weighing in at 9 lbs 6 oz., 22 inches long with a 15-inch head circumference. When we introduced him to his brothers they were so excited. They love him so much and are truly thankful for him. They have been a tremendous help in my recovery. I am thankful for each of them and their different personalities and abilities.

We have been asked if we would have more. We have said that this is up to God to decide. My sister said that we now have half of a dozen boys…hmmm…does half of something sound like a complete project to you?

 Josiah Baylor
Josiah Baylor – 9 lbs 6 oz – Born at home on June 14, 2002

Meeting an older brother.

Josiah meets older brother Aaron, who was also born at home.

The Baylor Family

The Baylor Family

Beth checking over Josiah.
Beth checks him over…He’s PERFECT!