People often appear healthy when in fact they have an undetected condition, or are at risk. And diabetes is definitely an example of this. The percentage of people discovering they have diabetes while being checked for something else is quite high.

My husband’s paternal grandmother went to the hospital due to an injury, and in the course of routine blood work they discovered she had diabetes. They asked her, “What are you taking to control your diabetes?” She replied, “I don’t have diabetes.” To which they replied, “Oh, yes you do.”

We cannot rule out the possibility of gestational diabetes just because you appear healthy.

When we don’t know what the mother’s blood sugar is doing, the baby is at risk for possible (sometimes serious) complications. Many if not most of these consequences could be avoided with early detection and proper care. When blood sugar goes undetected or uncontrolled it can affect your baby’s development and health, raise his risk for Type II diabetes later in life, make nursing and bonding more difficult, and even more complications which means both of you are at risk.

At CCBC, we believe the benefits of the tests we do far outweigh any inconveniences the test might cause the mother. We hope you will take into consideration all of these things when exercising your right to accept or refuse glucose testing.