At CCBC we use a 75g 2 hour Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (hereafter, OGTT) to determine if a client has gestational diabetes. The OGTT requires you to do several things:

  • Prepare for the test with 3 days of an unrestricted diet which includes high carbs. This will help to eliminate any false positive results that we might get if someone who otherwise eats a low carb diet were to take the test.
  • You will need to schedule an early morning appointment with us on the day of your test. We don’t want you to have to fast any longer than necessary. So we like to schedule OGGTs for early on the day when most women have already fasted while sleeping the night before. You will need to fast for a minimum of 8 hours (preferably 10-12) before the first blood sample is taken. Water is allowed during the fast but no food, no caffeine and nothing but water to drink.
  • After the fasting blood sample is taken, you will be asked to ingest 75 g of glucose within 5 minutes. You will have a choice between a sweet drink called “glucola” or eating 75 small jelly beans.
  • You will then be asked to sit quietly for an hour. (Bring something to keep your mind busy or you can watch Netflix at the center.) After the hour, we will test your blood a second time.
  • You then will wait a second hour and test the final time.

If you pass all three tests, you don’t have to do anything more. You have no problem processing sugar.