Hannah’s Birth Story Told by Her MotherHannah and her mother

Saturday, April 16, I started having regular contractions. I knew Beth, my midwife, was out of town visiting family (she had asked my permission before she left). I waited until the contractions were fairly close together, then called her to make sure she was on her way back home. Dan was planning to work late, but I told him to come on home.

By the time everybody got to the house, the contractions were starting to slow down. I was disappointed, but not too surprised. I had done the same thing with the other girls. About 11:00 I sent Beth and crew home and we went to bed.I was 6cm dialated but the contractions had pretty much stopped.

The contractions continued off and on. We called Beth out again on Monday evening, but, again, the contractions stopped without a baby.

Thursday morning, I got up with Dan to get him off to work. My water broke. I called Beth out again. My Dad and his wife took the girls out for the morning. Contractions still hadn’t started, but it had been a busy morning, so no one was too surprised.

I began taking some herbs Beth recommended and Dan and I started walking. After 1 1/2 hours of NASTY herbs and walking every street in the neighborhood, I couldn’t walk any more. We came home and rested a bit (continuing to take the herbs every 10 minutes – YUCK!!!!!). But, Praise God! the contractions continued and began to build.

When the girls came home, about 1:30, we moved back to the bedroom, so I could have some quiet. At the same time (I think for no particular reason) I moved into trasition labor.

About 2:30 I remember telling Dan, I can’t do this any more. He was very encouraging, and very faithful in doing counter-pressure on my back.

When the time came, I moved to a wonderful contraption called a birthing stool. Everyone should try it sometime! It made the delivery sooo easy! After about 4 good pushes, Hannah was delivered.

The cord was wrapped around her neck twice and her heart tones had dipped very low during the delivery so she was quite purple when she was born. But Beth was so wonderful! She kept me calm, allowed Dan to help catch Hannah (as he had requested) yet quickly and skillfully got her breathing.

Gloria was in the room for the birth. Read her version of the story below.

Jessica and HannahAfter things calmed down, we called Christina and Danielle in the room. Christina came in and heard the baby crying. She looked in the bassinette, on my bed, and across me to Jessica (Beth’s apprentice) before she found Hannah on my chest. She was quite happy to have a baby sister and loves holding her.

Danielle was not too sure. At first she wouldn’t have anything to do with me or Hannah. But by evening, she warmed up to the idea of a new baby and now loves to help Mommy hold, love, and take care of her “Happy Hannah.” (We have a singing stuffed puppy named Happy Hannah. Danielle was the one to make the connection between the two.)

Hannah is Hebrew for The Grace of God

Hannah’s Birth Story by Gloria, her older sister

One Saturday after video, Mommy told me to go to bed and she would wake me up when the baby was born. I felt so happy. But, she didn’t wake me up because the baby wasn’t born. I felt a little sad when I woke up and Mommy told me the baby wasn’t born.

Then, on Thursday, the water in Mommy’s womb broke so we knew the baby was going to be born. I felt so happy I almost shouted, “Yeah!” That day, after breakfast, Nanna and Pop-Pop took us to McDonald’s. When we got back home, we played outside for a while. Then, Jessica, one of Mommy’s midwife’s helpers, came outside and got me so I could see the baby get born.

When I saw the baby come out I was a little confused because she was purple. Mommy said, “Why is she purple? Why is she purple?” But Mrs. Overton said, “It’s okay, we’ll get her breathing.” And they got her breathing.

I found out that Mommy cried when the baby was born. I almost cried when the baby was born. The baby’s name is Hannah Faith. She is the most perfect baby I ever saw. I love her so much. I keep giving her hugs and kisses.

Hannah and her mother and sisters