Once testing for your child is completed, the bloodspot card still has beneficial public health uses—from quality assurance and quality control of the newborn screening tests for these disorders to research that seeks more effective ways to test, treat and hopefully cure serious childhood diseases. For any uses outside of the Department of State Health Services (DSHS), identifying information is removed so that researchers, for example, would never be able to connect anything they find from the bloodspot with the identity of the child from which it came. Identifying information linking a child to a particular bloodspot is not allowed outside of DSHS without advance consent of the child’s parent, managing conservator or legal guardian unless otherwise provided by law.

However, if you decide you do not want your child’s bloodspot card to be used for any other purpose after the newborn screening test results have been determined, DSHS policy allows you to direct the agency to destroy the bloodspot card following the completion of newborn screening testing. If you wish to take advantage of this option, please completely fill out and submit the form below. Upon receipt of a completed Directive to Destroy, the department will destroy the bloodspot within 60 days.

This statement may also be found on the DSHS website.

Exemption Form:
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