Choosing a glucose meter

The bottom line answer to this question is probably not if the model is new. All newer glucose meters are calculated to give clinically accurate results and they give a glucose result that is based on a plasma value. This is important because all the target values we will give you are based on plasma readings, too. So, if you are using an older meter to monitor your blood sugar, make sure it is calculated for plasma readings.

“What’s the difference?” you might ask. The difference is that plasma numbers read about 10 – 12% higher than the older whole blood numbers. So if your fasting and pre-meal blood glucose target is 90 – 130 mg/dl plasma glucose, it would be 80 – 120 mg/dl if your meter reads whole blood.

Other things to consider when purchasing a meter are its convenience, warranty, and additional features. Don’t forget to also consider what kind of test strips your meter uses. It is important to use the test strips designed specifically for your meter.