One year ago today …

One year ago today… Tuesday, August 26, 2014. I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of several babies, as well as a new apprentice named Kendra. My husband Larry had decided to leave town the next day to attend a nephew’s wedding and to visit his mother on the family farm. I was disappointed that I could not go with him, but I could not get away because of those babies I mentioned; I was on call. We also figured that with…

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To Whom it May Concern:

An Open Letter to Those Concerned about a Loved One Choosing a Home Birth Larry G. Overton, with Beth Overton, LM, CPM, Copyright © January 24, 2006 Congratulations! Someone you love has just chosen to employ the services of a midwife and have her baby at home. It’s an exciting, wonderful time, and your loved one and her baby are going to get the best of professional and personalized care. With a midwife attending her at home, she has the…

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Complications of Pregnancy

The following PDF documents are a collection of handouts on various topics. To view a document, click on the name. Preventing Urinary Tract Infections Alternative Treatments for Bladder and Urinary Tract Infections Natural Treatments for Colds Flu and Infections What is Echogenic Bowel?  Possible Natural Treatments for Herpes Natural Ways to Turn a Breech Baby Information about Uterine Fibroids Natural Ways to Treat or Prevent Varicosities and Hemorrhoids Treating Yeast

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Payment Policies

This page explains our policies regarding client payments to the Corpus Christi Birth Center. If wish to speak with someone about payment arrangements, please call the Birth Center on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 10 am and 5 pm and ask to speak to Erica (or Beth if Erica is not available). Every client must pay a non-refundable deposit at their first prenatal appointment unless other arrangements have been made prior to the visit. The amount required is stated in the contract. All contracts whether…

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What Do I Ask at an Interview?

Consultation Questions for Prospective Midwives Have you ever wanted to ask someone questions but then suddenly had your mind go completely blank when you finally have the opportunity?  Interviewing a midwife can be like that sometimes.  I’ve had many women come by for a consultation or interview and can’t think of what to ask. So I got busy and compiled as many questions as I could think of that someone might want to ask a midwife. This list comes from…

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Ethical Advertising and Friendly Competition for Midwives

Ethical advertising. Wait…is that an oxymoron? While you’re chewing on that one, let me give you another expression to think about… Friendly competition. Again, is that an oxymoron? Do the two concepts conveyed in both of these two-word expressions mix about as well as oil and water? Should they mix? Can they? After years of experiences in business, dealing with sister midwives/competitors, after countless hours of research, I wanted to write on this subject. However, after a few days of…

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All in Good Fun

Here is a small collection of some cartoons given to us by our clients and other midwives. We hope you will enjoy them as we have.   Here is a list of funny things we have heard husbands say to their wives: While in labor: “Boy am I exhausted!” “This sure is different from cows.” Said anywhere from every 5 to 15 minutes for many hours: “It won’t be much longer, honey.” Said imediately after the birth: “That wasn’t so…

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