Gestational Diabetes FAQ

What would cause me to be risked out or have to go to a doctor?

  If you are unable to keep your blood sugar under control with just diet changes and exercise, we will refer you for a consult with our consulting physician who is a perinatolgist. Depending on his evaluation, you might be able to remain under our care even if you need oral medication to help control your diabetes. However, if you need insulin to control the diabetes, you will not be able to have an out-of-hospital delivery. We will also be…

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Does it matter what kind of glucose meter I use for monitoring my blood sugar at home?

  The bottom line answer to this question is probably not if the model is new. All newer glucose meters are calculated to give clinically accurate results and they give a glucose result that is based on a plasma value. This is important because all the target values we will give you are based on plasma readings, too. So, if you are using an older meter to monitor your blood sugar, make sure it is calculated for plasma readings.“What’s the…

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Why do I get different readings sometimes, even when I take them one right after another?

  If you’ve ever taken your blood sugar twice or three times in a row without any delay in between tests, you’ve probably noticed that you don’t get the same exact number each time. You aren’t alone if this has happened to you. I’ve had more than one client have this very experience. The variant readings don’t mean your meter isn’t operating correctly. It does, however, reflect the variance that is built into each meter. Home glucose meters are considered…

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How can I make sure my meter is working correctly?

  Consider the following factors that can affect meter accuracy and the steps that can resolve or prevent the problem. Test strip problems: Throw out damaged or outdated test strips. Store strips in their sealed container; keep them away from heat, moisture and humidity. Be sure the strips are meant for your specific glucose meter. Extreme temperatures: Keep your glucose meter and test strips at room temperature. Alcohol, dirt or other substances on your skin: Wash your hands and the testing site with…

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