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Publications Required by Texas Depatment of State Health Services

You have been asked by your midwife to review the links on this page because Texas Law requires us to document that all pregnant women under our care receive these (or similar) publications.  Please visit each of these links and read the information.     In compliance with Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 81, Section 81.090,”Serological Testing During Pregnancy,” effective January 1, 2010, please read the following from the DSHS website: *  If You Are Pregnant or Think You…

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First Appointment Essential Documents and Forms

After you make your first appointment with your midwife at CCBC, she will direct you to this page so you can read some important documents before your first appointment. Please look at the list below to determine which documents are applicable to you. If you can, please print each one out so you can fill in the information before you come. Just bring the papers with you. But don’t worry if you don’t have a way to print these because…

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Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Storage Policy for Dried Bloodspots

Once testing for your child is completed, the bloodspot card still has beneficial public health uses—from quality assurance and quality control of the newborn screening tests for these disorders to research that seeks more effective ways to test, treat and hopefully cure serious childhood diseases. For any uses outside of the Department of State Health Services (DSHS), identifying information is removed so that researchers, for example, would never be able to connect anything they find from the bloodspot with the…

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