Yes, most likely. As long as you are able to control your blood sugar with diet and exercise, and as long as you do not develop any other signs of concern during your pregnancy, we would expect you to have a normal, healthy, out-of-hospital delivery with no further complications. But to assure this ideal outcome, we will continue to monitor you and your baby very closely. Our goal is for you to remain low risk. If at any point along the way, we need medical help we will consult with our consulting physician, a perinatologist who is a staunch advocate of natural childbirth in an out-of-hospital setting. So you can be assured that he will only recommend a hospital delivery if it is in the best interest of you and your baby.

We want you to understand that early detection of gestational diabetes is not a death sentence to a natural pregnancy and birth. It is in fact an opportunity to keep your pregnancy and birth healthy, low risk and natural. It is an opportunity to make changes that could mean the difference between you having a safe and natural childbirth or a complication that would lead to numerous interventions.