Aaron Baylor - Caught by Dad

We’ll start with a little background. We live in Victoria, Texas, which is about 87 miles to the northwest of Corpus Christi, where our midwife, Beth Overton, lives and bases her practice. Prior to this birth, we had four sons. The first three were born in Corpus Christi, though we’ve never lived there, and the last was born in our hometown. All four were hospital births, their pregnancies were relatively uneventful, and all of their labors lasted between eight and nine hours.

Our birth story actually began two weeks prior to the birth of our newest son. On Monday, February 28, we traveled to Corpus Christi for what was now a weekly checkup. On the way down, Georgia was timing contractions 10 minutes apart. While Beth was going through her exam, she discovered that our baby might be in a breech position. Whoa, this was not supposed to happen. All of our other pregnancies had been “perfect”, at least from my point of view. Georgia always had a typical pregnancy, a little nausea now and then, and some discomfort the further along she got, but never any real problems.


After some discussion we decided that a sonogram would probably be the next best course of action. We needed to confirm that the baby was breech and determine the location of the cord. It was late in the evening; the sonogram would have to wait until the next day. Before we left town the contractions were closing in on 5 minutes. We made the decision to stay in town. After talking it through, we decided that if it was going to happen this night, it was going to happen by c-section. The thought of delivering a breech baby scared Georgia. Knowing how much she wanted to have this baby at home, I knew her fear was very real. We prayed and got Georgia to relax. God allowed the labor to stop.


The sonogram confirmed what Beth had discovered. We discussed our options of getting the baby turned. We tried putting something cold on the baby’s head in hopes the baby would turn away. We returned home and planned to meet the next day. Today was the day Georgia wanted, and had prayed for, the baby to be born. Praise God he decided to say no to this prayer request.

On Wednesday, March 1, Beth, Jessica Overton, Susan Benskin, and Alisa Voss came to our home. We were a little nervous, but we had so many prayer warriors praying – there was no need. When the ladies arrived we had prayer first. I prayed, naturally from a parent’s heart. Alisa prayed from a midwife’s heart. Georgia truly felt covered in God’s protection. They encouraged her to relax by Susan massaging her legs and feet, and playing her favorite instrumental tape. Beth lifted the baby up out of the pelvis and continued to keep the baby’s bottom from going back. Alias very gently massaged and encouraged the baby’s head to go DOWN. Jessica kept a constant monitor on the baby’s heart rate. They got the baby to turn! Praise God!! It felt great – could we keep this baby in position and make it to birth without any further problems?

This was truly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed. Like most folks, I never really knew that this could be done, but we had come to know and trust Beth, I was completely confident that she was only going to do what was best for Georgia and the baby.

At 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 7, Georgia had just finished reading and had settled down when she had a contraction. 18 minutes later she had another one. They came closer and closer, at 3:45 they had been 10 minutes apart for an hour. We called Beth and ran through some “tests” to determine if this is real labor. The contractions continued to close in to 6 minutes apart. We called Beth back at 4:30 and she headed for Victoria. We got everything ready – the bed, towels between heating pads, juice made, water in the crock pot, snacks for midwives out on the table, etc… At 5:30, the contractions seem to be getting milder? Jessica called from the cell phone. We told her that they were 5 minutes apart. Georgia looks at the clock; she should be having another contraction right now. 3 minutes later – another contraction. Those were 8 minutes apart. Why? Then she just knew her labor had stopped. Georgia called Beth feeling extremely discouraged. She said not to worry, get some sleep. They continued on to Victoria, but the labor had stopped. Georgia was so disappointed and was down with a case of the blues the rest of the day.

A couple of days later, Georgia let the boys drink the juice. She didn’t want it to go bad, and it looked like it would before our baby came. When will this child be born? We pray for our baby every night.

Finally, at 4:12 a.m. on Saturday, March 11, Georgia woke up with a contraction and needed to go to the bathroom. She was unsure whether she was in labor – or just needed to go the bathroom. For 45 minutes her contractions were not regular – in fact they were never the same distance apart. That is until 4:56. From 4:56 to 5:56 they were 4 minutes apart. She woke me up and called Beth.

We began getting things ready. Then about 6:30 or 6:40, she feels like pushing. We called Beth on the cell phone. They were still an hour away. Georgia thought she could wait, and wait she did, through 2 or 3 contractions. Georgia was kneeling on the floor and I was facing her. She reached down and felt our baby’s head – how fascinating! In an instant she realized that she couldn’t wait, she had the urge to push. Without even a thought, I jumped behind her and with one push I caught our baby’s head. I had seen all of our boy’s be born, but had never been this close to the actual delivery. For those precious moments, I held our baby’s head while we waited for the rest of him to come. I told her that I was ready, whenever she had another contraction, she could push. On the next contraction Aaron Patterson Baylor was born. Wow, here was our newest son, in my hands. My first thought was to get him to breathe; that seemed like it took forever. A couple of pats, a gentle shake, come on baby – breathe. Finally he cried and it was beautiful – and he was beautiful. This will always be one of those moments I will never forget.

We called Beth and decided to wait to cut the cord until she got here. We also waited to deliver the placenta until she got here. Georgia was more scared to deliver the placenta then she was the baby! Beth, Jessica, and Susan arrived and helped deliver the placenta, cut the cord, and cleaned everything up. Georgia then got to soak in a wonderful herb bath. It was so relaxing and soothing. Aaron loved it too; he just laid there and fell asleep.

Aaron’s birth was by far the most pleasant birth experience of them all. I never would have thought that this was how it was going to happen. Sure, we had casually talked about it, and I always assured her that we could do it if we had to. I guess I could say that instinct took over, but I would rather believe that God did. Quiet frankly, I didn’t do much; just what a husband and a father should do, watch over and care for his family. Georgia was great and deserves all the credit, for sticking to her desires and believing in God that He could make it happen. We are so thankful to God for being with us through the whole pregnancy, labor, and delivery. The morning that Aaron was born Georgia had nine people who prayed for her from the moment they were called, until they received a second call saying the baby was born. They prayed continuously! How does one say thank you for that? Aaron may not have given our midwives time to make it here, but that’s okay, God was on call that morning.