The Corpus Christi Birth Center now accepts Traditional Medicaid!

We are so happy to announce some great news for low in-come families in Texas. We are now accepting Traditional Medicaid! Please provide us with your Medicaid card or proof of Medicaid when you come for your initial appointment.

Please note that we are Traditional Medicaid providers.

Call our office during regular office hours and ask for Dona if you need help with questions about Medicaid. 361.883.2229

As thrilled as we are about being able to offer our midwifery medical services and the facility under Medicaid coverage, we are still unable to bill Medicaid for everything we provide.  Medicaid does not cover and will not two of our usual fees. Fortunately, these fees are not large and we offer you the option of a payment plan to pay for them. The two fees not covered are:

  • Our registration fee – $100 – This fee is due by the first appointment when you register.
  • Our non-medical global fee – $500. This fee combines together and covers ALL non-medical services that we provide such as: childbirth classes, use of the birth tubs, doula services at the birth center and at the hospital if you are transported, use of other midwifery tools like the rebozo, a birth ball or birthing stool, and more. Every patient is required to pay for non-medical services whether on Medicaid or not. For our self-pay and Medicaid patients, we use the global fee when billing. For insurance pay patients, we itemize the services that are used but they are still billed. Since Medicaid will not cover non-medical services, we ask that you cover this fee as an out-of-pocket expense.
    We do allow monthly payments spreading the fee out over the time of your care but the total must be paid prior to delivery.
  • You will also be responsible for any administrative fees such as returned checks or late fees if you do not make a payment on time, which are only charged when necessary.
Call us:
(361) 883-2229