Doula Services for Labor and Birth

We offer 3 doula package care plans at 3 different prices levels based on the doula’s experience and training.

All three plans include the following:

  • 1 Consult Visit – You will meet directly with your doula to discuss your birth plan. – 1 hour visit included. Additional visits may be scheduled for $50 per hour (1hr min per visit).
  • Your doula will be on-call 24/7 from the time you make your final payment. We recommend around 36 weeks’ gestation.
  • Your doula will assist you with labor support from the time you call her and request her help until the birth of your baby. She will remain with you for postpartum support for approximately 1-2 hours after the birth as needed.
  • Your doula will provide you with one postpartum home visit around day 2-5 – The doula will want you to talk about your birth experience. If you had any difficulties or disappointments, she can help you process them and offer suggestions for recovery after a difficult or disappointing birth. Our doulas also have experience with common breastfeeding concerns and can help answer your questions and if not refer you to the right kind of help you would need. If you chose a licensed midwife as your doula, she will be able to provide a limited health well-being assessment for both you and your baby at this visit.
  • You may also attend any childbirth classes being offered at the Corpus Christi Birth Center for no additional cost. We cannot guarantee a class but we usually offer classes every other month.

Plan I – Your doula would be a 1st year midwifery student – Cost is $400.00

CCBC provides a midwifery student who has completed birth doula training with our staff and she also has birth and doula experience. She has attended at least 10 births total and acted as a doula for at least 5 of those births. She may or may not have hospital birth experience at this point in her training. Her midwifery training requires she attend at least 2 planned hospital births. So, she will be working for credit rather than pay to attend your birth as doula. Your fee for this plan will also include all prenatal visits and childbirth classes that we offer.

Plan 2Your doula would be an advanced midwifery student – Cost is $700.00

CCBC provides a midwifery student who has completed birth doula training with our staff and has worked as a birth doula at no less than 10 births (includes births at the Birth Center as a student midwife if the student assisted the client with doula support). This student has also completed the North American Registry’s requirement for 2 hospital births in which she also provided doula support in a hospital setting. This advanced student will also have experience in teaching childbirth classes at the birth center. This student will not be working for experience or credit, so CCBC will pay her a portion of your fee for being on call and attending your labor and birth. Your fee for this plan will also include all prenatal visits and childbirth classes that we offer.

Plan 3Your doula would be a licensed midwife – Cost is $900.00

A Certified Professional Midwife who is on staff at the Corpus Christi Birth Center will provide your doula services. Any midwife on staff at CCBC will be highly qualified. She will have training and experience providing doula services as well as midwifery services and she will have attended a minimum of 55 births.  Because she will be licensed by the state of Texas as a midwife, she will be legally able to provide some midwifery care during your labor at home which would include vaginal exams or listening to the baby.  It is still important to remember that even though a midwife can legally provide these services, it would not be proper for her to act as your primary care provider unless it was an emergency because you have chosen another care provider. Therefore, CCBC will only let our midwives use their skills in emergency situations such as an unexpected rapid delivery or to help establish whether you are actually in active labor or not. Once active labor is established, you will be expected to contact your doctor and follow his or her instructions about when to head to the hospital.  Some doctors will be willing to let a midwife monitor your labor at home for longer but most will ask you to come to the hospital right away. CCBC will want to follow your doctor’s instructions and wishes in this matter. CCBC will pay this staff midwife a portion of your fee for being on call and attending your labor and birth. Your fee for this plan will also include all prenatal visits and childbirth classes that we offer.

Payments are due as follows:

  • At your consultation visit – $200 (non-refundable)
  • Before you begin labor – Remainder of the fee ($200 plan 1 / $500 plan 2 / $700 plan 3). The remainder of the fee must be paid before your doula will be on call for you 24/7.  This payment will cover your doula being on-call which means she sets aside a large portion of time on her calendar for your possible delivery date which is usually a 6-7-week timeframe in which she must be available and must make all her plans around your possible birth date (no vacations, no out-of-town trips, etc.)
  • After the doula goes on-call, if the doula is not able to assist you in labor for any reason beyond her control (i.e. a very fast birth, or you did not call her), we will itemize your care based on the number of days your doula was on-call plus the non-refundable deposit ($25 per day for a student or $35 a day for a midwife.) If a refund is owed after itemizing, you will be issued a check within 60 days. We will never charge you more than the initial package cost of the plan. If you have any questions about this policy, we would be happy to discuss it with you in more detail before you sign your contract with us.
  • We will be very happy to assist you with doula services if you prefer a hospital delivery and are seeing a doctor for your medical care. We respect a woman’s right to give birth wherever she chooses. That is why we will never try to pressure a client to have an out-of-hospital birth. Even so, sometimes women do change their minds and that’s okay, too.  Therefore, if a doula client decides wants to give birth at either the birth center or at home, she may be able to transfer care to CCBC (assuming she is low risk).  A transferring client is expected to pay CCBC at the midwifery rate, but all payments paid as a doula client may be applied to the transfer. We would also request that the client terminate care with her previous care provider and transfer her records to us. We cannot guarantee that we will accept a transfer of care. That will depend on several factors. But, we will be happy to discuss a transfer option with you if you change your mind about where you wish to give birth.

* Please read this very important legal notice about doula services in Texas.

In Texas, it is illegal for anyone to provide midwifery care without a license, including doulas. Therefore, without a midwifery license, doulas may not do any vaginal exams, take blood pressures or even a temperature. They may not monitor or assess your baby’s heartbeat. These are all considered “midwifery care” or “medical care” and not “doula care.” When you hire a doula, you are not hiring her for a medical knowledge even if she has the experience or training.

It is very important that a woman in active labor be monitored closely during labor for the well-being and safety of both mother and baby. Even a birth that might appear to be progressing well with a mother handling her contractions like a pro can have hidden health problems developing if the mother and baby’s vitals are not being monitored during active labor. And that person per Texas law must be either a licensed physician or a licensed midwife.  For this reason, CCBC doulas will never intentionally keep a woman in active hard labor at home for any extended period without medical assessment. Once active labor has been established, the mother will be expected to notify her doctor and most likely she will be asked by her doctor to go to the hospital at that time. Even if your doula is a midwife, she will always follow the instructions of your chosen care provider even if she might do differently for a patient of her own.

If a licensed midwife is present or acting as your doula during the labor, she may agree to do some assessments to confirm that active labor is established before going to the hospital. For example, you might want her to do a vaginal exam to make sure you are having cervical change and not having false labor.  She might take your blood pressure to assure you that it is staying within normal ranges. But once active labor is established, it’s time to defer to your doctor. The client will be allowed to labor at home longer only if her doctor agrees to the midwife monitoring labor longer at home.  Some doctors will allow this but most will not because if you hired them, they are ultimately responsible for the decision about when to come in to the hospital.

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