Cost of Care

Save 40-60%!We are now Medicaid approved! We also accept private insurance or self-pay!


Our in-house billing agent works with the specialists at Larsen Billing Service to code and bill for out of hospital birthing. We submit the claims, and Larsen Billing helps us get your insurance company to pay the maximum amount possible. Most private insurance companies will cover the services of a midwife and a birth center.

If you’re insured, we’re happy to help you find out what your maternity care benefits will be, the amount of your insurance deductible, and the percentage that your insurance covers. Because CCBC is the only birth center within 100 miles, we can almost always ask for an qualify for an “in-network exemption.” Our billing expert can help you with this process. If you do not get an in-network exemption, you will be given the option for discounts that may help with your out of pocket expenses.

When you have insurance coverage, you are expected to cover your deductible, co-pay and co-insurance (patient responsibilities). We ask that you cover your deductible and some of the co-insurance amount prior to the birth by making monthly payments.  We will estimate what portion you must cover based on your verification of benefits. The verification process is free for those who have paid a registration fee. The cost to verify benefits will be $25 for those who have not yet decided on our care.  The money you pay us in monthly payments prior to your birth will go into a retainer fund and is later applied to your co-pay amounts and deductible as determined by your insurance when we file your claim. (with pregnancy, claims are usually filed after delivery) After your claims have settled, if you paid more than you owed, a refund will be given to you but a refund is rare since we verify the benefits prior to setting up your payment plan. If you would like to read more about insurance we have more information on this page.

How To Register and start the Verification Process

Our registration fee is currently $50. This is a non-refundable fee that is required to reserve a spot in our practice since we limit the number of clients we accept. Every new client (whether self-pay or insurance) is required to pay this fee no later than her first appointment with us. If you know that you want our services even if your insurance coverage turns out to be poor (i.e. high deductible, not out-of-network coverage) then we will verify the benefits for free of charge after pay this registration fee. Just keep in mind the registration fee is non-refundable if you later decide to transfer your care to someone else for any reason.

If you are undecided, you can still have your benefits verified through us. But if you have not registered (and paid the registration fee) we charge $25 to verify your benefits. So please keep in mind,  that if you pay for us to verify your benefits first, you will still need to pay the $50 registration fee once you decide to become our client.


We offer reduced package rates for anyone who chooses to use self-pay rather than insurance based on a payment plan where you pay before the birth of the baby. The package rate varies based on how soon it is paid in full with greater discounts given for earlier pay-off. For some people, saving on the overall cost is their main goal. For others, it is the monthly budget that is their biggest concern. The earlier the package fee is paid, the larger the discount we give. We also accept balloon payment plans. So you could set up a plan that includes smaller monthly payments and still apply the largest discount by making one or more larger payments (balloon payments) prior to the discount deadline. Our self-pay packages rate plans range from $3500 to $4500 depending on the payment plan you choose.


The Birth Center is now Medicaid approved. Please keep in mind that some of the non-medical expenses associated with the birth center will not be covered by Medicaid but those out-of-pocket expenses are very small. Please call our office today and let us help you. We will be happy to work with you.

Getting the best care is what matters most!

Bottom line? We don’t believe insurance companies or Medicaid should dictate how women give birth and who they choose as their professional care provider. Therefore,  we are committed to helping you get the maternity care you desire. We want families to be able to focus on the joys of pregnancy and birth—not just the finances.

So please call us today if you need to talk more about your specific needs. We would love to help!

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