Birth Center Services

Below Is Our Standard Course Of Care For Mother & Child

Corpus Christi Home BirthPrenatal Care:

  • First visit (1.5 to 2 hours)
  • comprehensive health history and physical exam
  • prenatal education
  • prenatal blood tests, pap if needed
  • Return visits (30 mins to 1 hour)
  • exams to listen to the baby’s heart beat and monitor mother’s well being
  • prenatal education & nutritional evaluation
  • birth desires & emotions discussed as you prepare for labor/parenthood
  • home visit at 36 wks

Water Birth Corpus ChristiPre-labor/early labor:

  • attendance and support as needed

Active labor:

  • continuous labor support by midwife
  • maternal assessments and baby’s heart beat checked
  • no ‘routine’ interventions
  • freedom of movement, eating and drinking
  • husband or labor partner offered guidance to enhance involvement, including assistance in catching the baby if desired
  • a personal birth plan is encouraged and respected
  • coordination of care during transfer and constant attendance during labor if hospital care becomes necessary.

Birth Center Birth Pictures Birth:

  • freedom of birth position, including soaking in warm water or water birth
  • cutting of the cord delayed and no separation of mother and baby
  • uninterrupted breast feeding as soon as mother and baby are able
  • emergency equipment and medications provided as needed

Corpus Christi Birth CenterImmediately postpartum:

  • minimum of 2 to 5 hours of continuous care after birth or until mother & baby are stable
  • physical exam of baby
  • herbal bath for mother and baby, if desired
  • birth linens washed and birthing area cleaned
  • Postpartum follow up

Home Visits Day 1 & 4:

  • physical exams of mother & baby
  • baby weighed and checked for jaundice
  • pulse ox test done on the baby to screen for heart valve defects
  • breast feeding assistance
  • education & emotional support
  • first newborn metabolic screen

2 weeks after birth:

  • Postpartum follow up of mother and baby
  • 2nd newborn metabolic screen
  • Referral for newborn hearing screen

6 weeks after the birth of the baby:

  • final postpartum visit for mother and baby
  • gyn exam with pap if needed (or scheduled for 12 weeks postpartum)

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