Apprenticeship Opportunities

We train Midwives!   

The Corpus Christi Birth Center trains student midwives and apprentices. We are currently accepting inquiries and are looking for new full time students.

UPDATE (January, 2019) :

Corpus Christi Birth Center is currently accepting applications for short term temporary students to fill needs between April and July of 2019. For a temporary apprenticeship opportunity, we are seeking only students who meet the following requirements. We do not mean to discourage other students from pursuing midwifery training who do not meet these requirements, but our particular needs at this time are very specific. If you meet all of the following requirements and would like us to consider you as a temporary short term student, please contact us by filling out the student inquirey linked to this page.

  1. The student must be a serious midwife student who is currenlty enrolled in a reputable midwifery program or school and she must have successfuly completed at least one semester or module of accidemic study before applying.
  2. The student must have attended at least 3 births (preferably out-of-hospital births) before applying.
  3. The student must be compatable with the values of our current birth team which includes a Bible believing Christian faith and world view.
  4. Must be willing to commit full time to a temporary position for 4 to 6 weeks. Full time, includes a full work week plus being on-call 24/7 for births and other patient needs.
  5. Must be living or staying within 30 minutes of the birth center during the entire committed time (4-6 weeks). Our current student appartment is occupied, but we have very limited space to house only one student at this time at the birth center.  It is ideal if students can provide their own temporary housing. (Please discuss your housing needs with us during the application process.)
  6. Must have an exceptional work ethic and be extremely neat and self motivated. She must be willing to help with cleaning responsibilities at the birth center and office in exchange for this apprenticeship experience. Our birth center must always be kept spotless. We all help with these duties (midwives too) but the largest responsiblities of cleaning fall to our students, even after long births. We need students who are not only willing to help clean, but who are self-motivated and cheerful about serving in this manor. If a student doesn’t have a natural attention to detail and isn’t a self-motivaed and disciplined person, she probably isn’t a good fit for our current needs.
  7. Must have a reliable cell phone and lap top computer while here.

F.A.Q. – 

  1. How many births do you have each month and how many will I get to attend?
    During these busier months we are expecting 8-11 babies each month. We will make every effort to include you in as many births as we can but we cannot guarantee how many that will be because birth is unpredictable. So it is possible to miss some births. We also reserve the right to leave a student out of a birth, if a patient doesn’t want a particular student there. or if the primary midwife decides it is best to not include the student.
  2. I need primaries. Will I get allowed to “catch babies” or get primary birth experience? 
    We cannot guarantee any student primary birth experience, especially during such a short term time with us. But we won’t rule it out either. 4-6 weeks a very short time for our patients to get to know a student and be comfortable with her. That said, if our patients are comfortable and if we are comfortable with a student and her skills, we desire to help that student get the experience she needs. Rest assured, we will be working to make the experience with us a valuable learning experience even if it does not include primaries or ‘catches’.
  3. What does it cost? 
    We only charge a small fee to cover our expenses for having an additional student with us. To cover adding a student to our charting system and a few other minor expenses, we ask that they pay us $75 for each calendar month that they are with us due at the beginning of the month or when they arrive. We do not charge any of our students for the valuable experience and clinical training they recieve while here, except to ask each of them to roll up their sleeves and work. We seek cheerful servants wiling to clean and do any tasks needed by the birth center. Students will not be required to do any duties that are not directly related to birth center needs. But there is always plenty to do to help.
  4. What about study time?
    We recognize that students need study time. Our full time students are given regular “off-duty” time  (while remaining on-call) to meet the needs of study and their personal lives. Full time students may be granted more time “off-duty” than our temporary short-term students since they are committed to the birth center year round. For short-term students, we always allow Sunday and at least one other day each week as off-duty time (remaining on-call for births and patient needs). We also limit most patient appointments to 2-3 days a week and classes to day time hours. If we have office work days or projects, they will be scheduled on during day time hours. So nights are usually free.

Please first read the Apprenticeship Policy Manual February 2018 – CCBC).  If you wish to send in an inquiry, please use this link for the right form Apprenticeship Inquiry 02-2018. We will be happy to consider you for an apprenticeship. Filling out an inquiry form does not obligate you to accept an apprenticeship nor does it obligate us to accepting but please inquire if you are seriously interested so we may consider you. Student "Catch"

Our apprenticeship program is an opportunity for those who would like to get clinical training with CCBC while they study midwifery. It is an opportunity to become a Licensed and/or Certified Professional Midwife. Full time students who complete with us may apply for a staff position with the birth center if interested when they finish. We cannot guarantee a position but since we only work with students who are a good fit, we are often a good match as midwives, too.  We are always looking for opportunities to grow our birth center with like minded staff members who will share our values and vision.

A full time apprenticeship including academic studies typically takes 3-5 years for most students to complete. Beth Overton, the senior midwife at CCBC is a NARM approved preceptor and also is currently an approved preceptor for the following midwifery programs and college: Midwives College of Utah,  Mercy in Action Midwifery Program and the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program. If you are interested in or enrolled in different program, please let us know more about your program of choice when you apply.

Apprenticeship is fun at CCBC

Minimum Requirements:

  • A Completed Apprenticeship Inquiry Form. Apprenticeship Inquiry 02-2018
  • Download and read the entire Apprenticeship Policy Manual February 2018 – CCBC
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have your own transportation, lap top computer and a reliable cell phone.
  • We prefer for full time students to be enrolled in an academic program for midwifery academics but we will consider students enrolled in the NARM PEP process under some circumstances.
  • Must be available to keep up with a busy midwife’s schedule and be on call 24/7 while with us.
  • Apprentices must be a good “fit” for our practice. We are picky because it is important that we can work well together for long periods of time.
  • Cannot have any responsibilities which would interfere with being on call or difficult hours.
  • Must be willing to work and study hard.

If you would like to know more about this wonderful educational opportunity please fill out our Inquiry Form first! By some standards, it is a lengthy questionnaire but we get many inquiries from prospective students and simply do not have time to speak to everyone over the phone or answer lots of questions by email. If you want to know more about us, read our website. Answering the questions on our form gives us the opportunity to get to know you a little better.

apprenticeship training using the robozoWe use the Inquiry Form as a screening tool to help us find the most compatible applicants for our practice.  You will receive an answer from us if you fill out the form but we only pick those who we think are the most compatible to offer an apprenticeship. If we do not offer you an apprenticeship. we ask that you not take it as a rejection of you personally or that we think you would not make a good midwife. We simply think you would fit with another practice better than ours. (or we don’t have an opening available) We hope you will respect this process and understand the wisdom behind it. Completed Inquiry Forms should be faxed to 361.336.0212or sent by email to ccbirthcenter@gmailDOTcom (please replace the DOT with an actual dot)

This is a work-exchange program. The education and clinical experience is provided in exchange for midwifery related work during the apprenticeship training period. For this reason, we are looking for individuals with a strong work ethic who are self-motivated and disciplined and who are cheerful and ethical in everything they do.

Limited Housing Available for Single Students

Students must provide their own living expenses during training but we are sometimes able to offer low cost furnished housing to single students who need it. Currently rent in a small apartment that houses 2 is $200 per month, per person.  The apartment is currently, occupied but we might be able to help you find low cost housing with a local family if interested.  You will also need to consider the cost of a midwifery course and educational materials which is not included in our offer and we also require students to pay $20 a month to cover the cost of access to our digital charting service.

Call us:
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