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Corpus Christi Birth Center

We offer you the choice of birth center or home birth!

Looking for answers?

Looking for answers?

Every pregnant woman has questions and concerns about pregnancy and especially about the birth process. There are so many important decisions to be made when you are pregnant. For some, that can be quite stressful. So how do you actually enjoy pregnancy and look forward to your birth experience?
Yes! Water Birth is an Option!
We offer the best alternative birthing experience in Corpus Christi! If you are interested in learning more about water birth, we are water birth experts and we have beautiful professional tubs in each birth room!  Water birth is always an option at the Corpus Christi Birth Center. Click here to find out more!
Tour The Birth Center

Tour The Birth Center

Do you want to see what our beautiful birth center looks like on the inside? Click here to see video and pictures of the Corpus Christi Birth Center and see for yourself why many South Texas families are choosing to welcome their next child into the world at our center!

CC Birth Center – Who We Are

Corpus Christi Birth Center, 939 Ayers Street

We are located near 6-Points, across the street from the US Post Office. 939 Ayers St.

The Corpus Christi Birth Center (CCBC) is Corpus Christi’s only independent free standing licensed birth center. We also offer home birth in addition to birth center births. So whether you wish to give birth at your own home or at the birth center (where you will feel “at home” and we promise to pamper you) you will receive the same quality care. We offer only the highest quality maternity and midwifery care.

We hope you will consider our midwife based care as a wonderful and safe alternative to the mainstream medical model of care. We are here to serve women of the greater Corpus Christi area in order to offer more prenatal and birth options to women in the Coastal Bend. We also provide excellent referrals and have working relationships with a very supportive obstetrician and pediatrician in the event you or your baby needs medical attention during your time with us. So with us, you have the best of both worlds, the holistic and personal care of a midwife plus the safety net of medical doctors when and if it becomes necessary.

Birth Pool in the Katherine Alice Room

Each of our birth suites are equipped for water birth!

Beth Overton is both the director and primary midwife for the Corpus Christi Birth Center.  She has over 18 years of experience as a  midwife in our community.  She opened Corpus Christi’s first birth center in 2012. Visit the “About Us” link at the top of this page to read more about Beth and others who work with her.

We would love to meet you in person and
share with you the many birthing options
available to you through CCBC.

Beth Overton, Director

We limit the number of clients we serve so that we can provide quality care for everyone but are currently accepting new clients. Please call us today if you would like to schedule your free tour of the birth center. We would love to meet you in person and share with you the many birthing options available to you through CCBC.

You will find our birth facility centrally located in Corpus Christi. Our lovely facility is located at 939 Ayers Street and provides the perfect setting for a bed and breakfast atmosphere. We are fully equipped with all the medical equipment necessary to assure a safe normal delivery but you will find the birth center environment is not the least bit “medical.” Instead we offer you a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you, your family and your new baby.

We offer two birthing suites complete with water birth pools, private bath, a kitchen and a living room where family and friends may gather when they come to meet your new baby. So call us today and let us give you the care you deserve.

The birth center’s phone number is easy to remember. 361.317.BABY (361.317.2229).

Call us today, to schedule your free tour and consultation with the midwife!

Would You Like To Tour The Birth Center or Visit with the Midwife?

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