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CC Birth Center – Seeking to fulfill your birth wishes.

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The Corpus Christi Birth Center (CCBC) is Corpus Christi, Texas’s only independent free standing licensed birth center. We provide completely professional care with many choices! Not only do we have a beautiful facility where most of our clients choose to birth, we also offer birth in your own home and as of 2017, we began to include doula services to women choosing to birth in the hospital.

So, whatever your birthing needs, we are here to help. We promise to provide you with only the highest quality professional care and we also encourage and support individual birth preferences and plans. Come meet us in person. We would love to show you the birth center and answer your questions.

Birth tubs

We have birth tubs in each birthing suite.

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Meet our team

Beth Overton

Midwife, CPM, LM


Grace Frantz

Student Midwife

Since June, 2015

Adlai Welfel

Student Midwife

Since Sept, 2016

Dona Garcia

Billing and Insurance

Since Sept, 2016

We provide excellent care with more birth options.
Natural Birth. Water Birth. Birth Center or Home Birth. Doula Services for Hospital Birth.
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What we can offer you

Natural Birth

Pregnancy and childbirth are a natural part of life. We support and encourage trust in the natural design of the woman’s body. We help to facilitate every woman in a natural labor and birth without the overuse of unnecessary routine interventions.

Professional Care

Our midwives are Certified Professional Midwives and are licensed to practice midwifery in the State of Texas. We provide complete care for low risk women. If a complication of pregnancy occurs, we are able to consult with a physician. In many cases we are able to co-manage care with the consulting physician. But when a patient becomes too high risk, we are able to transfer care without difficulty or any lapse in your care.

Water Birth

Water Birth is our specialty! We have professional birth tubs in each birth room at our center.

Home Birth

Yes, we also do “home birth.” If you prefer giving birth in your on home, we will be happy to assist you.

Childbirth Classes

We offer custom childbirth classes approximately every other month. The classes usually have 4-8 couples in attendance and are not only educational but lots of fun. All CCBC clients may attend our classes without charge. Follow us on Facebook and watch our events page if you want to know when our next class is scheduled.

Doula Services

If you are planning a hospital birth and would like to have a doula assist you during your labor, we would love to help you!

What Our Patients Say About Us

Kallie Vorobets

"...Beth and her team are incredibly thorough, knowledgeable, and compassionate. ... The care they provide is uniquely personal and quality-driven."

Samantha Goyap

"I truly believe that God led me to you ... His timing is absolutely perfect....Thank you for the safe delivery of our baby girl. "

Georgia Baylor

“...This was the best prenatal care I have ever received. Yes, this includes the four pregnancies before which were all assisted by doctors. ..."

Kim Lindell

“... The whole experience was absolutely amazing! Your gentle spirits and total support were huge blessings to me. ..."

Valerie Rowe

“I looked forward to my prenatal appointments with my midwife so much! ... I never felt rushed ... That personalized care was very important to me! ..."

Meredith Carpenter

"... The appointments were fun. There was no time spent waiting in a waiting room and they were always so warm and genuinely curious how the baby and I were doing...."
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